Sequoyah burke-Combs

The artistic journey for me is a balancing of light and shadow through the raw expression of my feelings and experiential world. For me, life is a beautiful woven tapestry of love and hardship that is made whole only in the acceptance of all its parts. 

Art took root in my life at the age of four when I began sketching ghosts and angels after my mother’s suicide in an attempt to communicate. I was born into a home of illness and loneliness that traumatized me but I became supported and loved by friends and family that encouraged me to be myself. Through spirituality I learned ways to accept all parts of my eccentric self and through creativity I began to express my perception visually. 

My artwork depicts contrasting pieces and attempts to harmonize them through color, emotion and space. Viewers witness grief, hardship and solitude in presence with softness, growth, and support. I depict themes of transformation, consciousness and hardship in life and connect it to the spiritual, artificial, and unconscious world. Content for my art often includes flowers, eyes, meditation, human form and water in expressive gestures and symbolic contexts that generate visceral feelings for the viewer.

I have no formal training in art and often I rely on my intuition over conventional methods to construct a unique composition of inspiration and channeled energy with references generally used as guidelines. Artists that I admire and study include Frida Khalo, Bansky, Salvador Dali, Basquiat, Leonardo DaVinci and my nieces. 

A majority of pieces are surreal and abstract made in acrylic, pen and marker with an emphasis on line, color and varying detail. Experimenting and expanding with other mediums and materials such as wood, digital and screen printing continues to fuel my creative curiosity and deepen my soul’s expression. 

I’ve always been drawn to the full spectrum of visible light, seeing it coexist and flourish most in the darkest and messiest of our experiences. I see beauty in scars and my heart feels hidden gems in the shadow. If our branches are to reach for the light we must too grow and expand in the darkness. My artwork is a bridge to communicate union, growth and interconnectedness in that which is often seen in opposition.

Thank you, for your presence alone, supports a space for intuitive and compassionate creativity.