Sequoyah Burke-Combs

Art for me is a colorful journey of harmonizing light and shadow, trauma and triumph. This is wholly me, the raw expression of my feelings, vision and experiences. For me, life is a beautiful woven tapestry of love and hardship that is made whole only in the acceptance of all its parts. 

These creations are mixed media, shamelessly vibrant with emphasized lines that display emotive subjects that favor abstract surrealism. The majority of work is acrylic paint dominant, marker and pen. I also have a screen printing business, a passion towards digital art, fashion, content creation and am a breathwork instructor.

This work is trauma informed and inspired. Art took root in my life at the age of four when I began sketching ghosts and angels after my mother’s suicide in an attempt to communicate. I was born into hardship but my life is not absent of support and love from friends and family that encouraged me to be myself. Through the breath and creativity I was able to explore my shadow and discover how luminous my light was, this is a lesson I transmute into every art piece.

My artwork depicts contrasting pieces and attempts to harmonize them through color, emotion and space. Viewers witness grief, hardship and solitude in presence with softness, growth, and support. I depict themes of transformation, consciousness and hardship in life and connect it to the spiritual, artificial, and subconscious. Content often includes flowers, eyes, meditation, human form and water in expressive gestures and symbolic contexts that generate visceral feelings for the viewer.

I am self taught with no formal training and rely on my intuition, visions, meticulous observation and rough references to construct unique compositions of energy through inspired order and chaos. Artists that I admire and study include Frida Khalo, Bansky, Salvador Dali, Basquiat, Leonardo DaVinci and my nieces. 

I’ve always been drawn to the full spectrum of visible light and experience, I see beauty in scars and have discovered that there are gems in our shadow. If our branches are to reach for the light we must also grow and expand in the darkness. My artwork bridges that which is often perceived as opposing.

Solo exhibition, Herbs House, Seattle, WA (Sep-Oct)
Group exhibition, Boomer Gallery, “Inner Worlds Competition”, London UK
Group exhibition, Raw Artists, Seattle WA
Solo exhibition, Stoneway Café, Seattle WA
Solo exhibition, Dakota Art Store, Seattle WA
Group exhibition, Art Room Gallery, “International Open Art Exhibition, Seattle WA
Solo exhibition, Washington Athletic, Seattle WA
Solo exhibition, Geraldine’s Counter, Seattle WA
Group exhibition, Ballard Studio Art Show, Seattle WA
Solo exhibition, Flying Apron, Seattle WA
Studied Under
Catherine Gill
Joseph Patrick Daniels
Layne Johnson
Seattle Mens & Women’s Rugby Club, twenty participants, emotive painting
Azimuth Foundation, twenty-five participants, reference painting